Economics and Management

Network Dimension-force Based on Original Philosophy and Management Innovations

The naissance of Internet has emblazed people’s research passions on the network and management coupling problems, and promoted the continuous development of the management theory. By the searching of the domestic literature, the author find….

Competition Policy in Networked Industries with Application to Telecommunications

Networked industries, which are conventionally government-run or regulated monopolies, are distinct from other industries in such aspects as network externality and cooperation between competitors, which makes competition even more difficult….

Research on China’s Local Government’s Behavior Driven by Multi-Interests in Transitional Period

Research on China’s Local Government Behavior Driven by Multi-interests in Transitional Period is a research project with both theoretical and realistic significance. Its theoretical significance lies in the importance of local government as….

Theoretical and Empirical Study on Evolution of Industrial Organization

Based on the methodology of evolutionary economics and the assumption of uncertainty and boundary rationality, this thesis tries to give an explanation of evolutions of industrial organization (EIO). At the same time, this thesis simulates t….

The Research on Mechanism in Effective Technology Demand and Supply

The development of world economy fully proves that technological innovation is the main and most effective way of turning the science and technology from the potential to real productive force and lead to the new pattern of global competitio….

Industry Competition and Public Policy Based on Two-Sided Market Theory

Two-sided market is the important component of modern economic system. Performing theoretical research on two-sided market could provides us with theoretical foundation for firm’s business strategies, afford us helpful reference to industry….

The Eco-economic Analyses of Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply

Ecosystem is prerequisite for mankind. In long history of man traditional agricultural civilization, Human with low production capabilities always had to confront the difficulty that social aggregate supply could not meet fully social aggreg….

On Financial Deepening and Regional Development

Though it is not long for the study on the relationship between financial deepening and regional development, it has presented the economic theories through the whole history of economic thoughts. This is the main reason that attracts the au….

Research on the Sustainable Development of Xinjiang Oasis Eco-economy System

As the living land of people of all nationalities in Xinjiang, the Oasis faces its serious problem, the sharp contradiction between humankind and nature along with the increasing population and the development of social economy. Thus the sus….

Research on Circular Economy Development Mode for Resource-based City

Circular economy, the short name for material flowing economy in closed circle and resource circular economy, is aimed at high efficient utilization and circular utilization of resources, with the principles of reduction, reuse and recycle…..

Game, Coordination and the Development of Society

Purport and Train of Thought:The purport of this paper is to make a thorough inquiry for the route of social development, of course, the meaning of social development we studied is not extensive, but focus on economic growth. In this paper,….

Return to Nature of Economics-on Economics and Economic Philosophy in a Cultural Dimension

Economic philosophy springs up in contemporary times. It asks us to understand economics in the view of economic being and economic praxis . And only from the cultural point of view , nature of economics can emerge and economy can develop as….

Economic Sociology

The mainstream of western economics introduced into scientific spirit and analytical method of natural science in the name of pursuing the economic science. It seemed it pursued a precise scientific standard or model. So it was based on the….

The Irrational World in Market Economy


Evolutionary Study on the Change of Industrial Organization

The industrial organization influences on the productivity and innovational probability greatly, and they are important source of country’s or regional industrial competitiveness. Currently, the industrial organization of China is on the con….

The Sustainable Development of the Tax Revenue and the Economic Growth in Hunan Province and Policy P

As the world economies evolve to their present states, modern market economies are neither perfectly free market economies nor highly planned economies, if stictly judged from the economic systems, but a mixed economy. The market can allocat….

Financial Innovation in the Perspective of Evolutionary Economics

As the core of modern market economy, finance plays a key role in the national economy. Now, the financial innovation industry, with its power in reducing the transaction costs, improving the financial efficiency and effective distribution o….

The Welfare Economy Analysis of Financial Systems

Financial system is defined as a whole set of ways to allocate financial resources. Financial systems direct the flow of the deposit of household sectors to the firms and allocate resources among firms. On the one hand financial systems enab….

Study on Personal Finance, Real Economy and Service Policy

The study on personal finance, real economy and services policy has not been emphasized by economists as what in fact it is. At least, there are no normative and symmetric statements in this field just like public finance and incorporate fin….

The Path Analysis on Financial Product Innovation

People have been aware of the decisive function of technical progress in economic growth. Adam smith regarded the invention and improvements of the machine as the main way that division of labor promotes productivity raise. In Maxell’s earli….

The Theoretical Base of Credit Institute Construction from the View of Credit Risk Management

Fostered by the refulgent history of 5000 years and the fertile soil of 10 million kilometers, our Chinese stands towering in the east of the world. Our nation is the only nation of the four civilization ancient nations whose culture continu….

The Reformation of Property Right and Institutional Innovation of Rural Cooperative Finance in China

At present, the situation that different ownership systems’coexisting is coming into being in China’s rural economy. Vast households in family-contract responsibility system, village-owned enterprises, town-owned enterprises, various economi….

On China Rural Financial Institution Reform

1. Characteristic of China Rural Financial InstitutionSince the fifties of the 20 th centruy, Centralized economy gradually had been set up in China. Rural financial institution in China gradually began was established since First National R….

Research on the Stability of Commercial Bank Deposit

As the core of modern economic activities, commercial banks are greatly influenced by the instability of external capital—the deposit-related debt and their operation is highly risky. As a matter of fact, in the backdrop of market economy,….

On the Optimization of Tax and Fees Structure of China’s Mining Industry

Mineral resources are material bases which human society are relying on, and a key part of the chain of sustainable development too. Tax policy is an important means government can employ to adjust and control mining sector. A steady and att….

Research on Construction and Application of the Performance Assessment System of Fiscal Expenditure

With the establishment of socialism market system and public fiscal frame in China, fiscaladministration has turned its emphasis on enhancing fiscal expenditure and improving itseffectiveness. A set of scientific, reasonable and effective ev….

Effect of Adjustment on Stamp Duty of the Chinese Stock Market and System Improvement

The proportion of the transaction cost against the capital market value-added decides the efficiency of the capital market. In fact, the transaction cost is the rules and standards of competition that is forever the soul and driving power of….

The Research on the Exchange Rate Cooperation in Eastern Asia

Although each country has its right to choose the exchange rate system according to its economic situation, the solely-decided mode of the exchange rate system may lead to the instability of a country’s economy or an economic zone or even th….

Research on Dollarization in Latin America

An important outcome of world economy integration, regionalization and globalization is the birth of Euro, dollarization and the idea of “Asian Currency”. Although dollarization does not have the rigorous organization and perfect operation m….

Chinese Rural Financal Development and Rural Economical Increasing: Based on Theory and Demonstration

Rural economical regard as national economy a importance constitute, its persistent, fine development not only has important supporting action to China integer economy, but also becomes the key if the whole country of China realize richness….

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