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Theory and Practice on Teachers’ Continuing Education Against the Background of Professionalization

The thesis elaborates four parts on theory and practice of teachers’ continuing education on the perspective of comparison between history and reality, association of theory and practice, and fusion of absorption and innovation.Section one,….

Understanding Pupil Culture

This dissertation is a qualitative research report on pupil culture.The basic task of schooling is to teach students knowledge , help them to accept mainstream culture and socialize . In this process, there are something could not be accepte….

Reflecting on Change of Chinese Modern Science Education in View of Culture

Chinese modern science education (CMSE), suffered queries from more and more scholars who points out that it pays more attention to the knowledge of science but neglects scientific method and scientific spirit, shows new tendency. The reform….

Developmental Evaluation Research on Higher Education

The retrospective consciousness and ability is one of the sighs of an academic subject moving towards maturity. The dissertation is exactly intended to analyze strength and weakness of educational evaluation theory and practice at different….

Change of School Management to Facilitate School-based Teacher Professional Development: A Case of th

During the last two decades, especially in English-speaking countries, a lot of efforts in both theoretical researches and practice have been taken to foster school-based teacher professional development. However, there seems to be few studi….

Discussion on Developing Evolvement and Historical Experience of Physical Education Curriculum for Pr

Curriculum is the core of school physical education. It is over one hundred years from the educational system of Gui and Mao issued in 1903 and begun setting of physical educationcurriculum until right now. As gradually deepen reforming of b….

A Theoretic Research and Empiric Analysis on Higher Educational Informatization

The process of the higher educational informatization is a complicated and systematic project, so we should grasp and study it macroscopically and wholly in order to understand it correctly and deeply. And then we can analyze the cost and pr….

Operations Management in Sport Events

With economic globalizations and scientific technique’s development, sport event has shown lots of characters under the influence of marketing and humanization. Sport event has the potential power to impact the society and culture, nature an….

Theory & Demonstrative Research in Combining Identifying with Cultivating Athletes’ Talent

On the basis of analysis of sports talents identification and the relative contents about cultivation, relationship between identification and cultivation, and success in sports, the new theory “Combinative Theory of Identifying and Cultivat….

A Research of Demonstration and Theory on the Influence of Sport Information on Mass Communication to

Surrounding of mass communication is one of the important social circumstances to affect collegians. In recent years, many scholars have paid more attention to relative researches in the Home and abroad. The influence to people’s sport life….

The Development Study of College Sport in China

Purpose : Some experiences had been obtained since the college sport be developed in china in 1986.but a lot of questions still exist At the new condition of reforming education and sport, how to develop the college sport, how to reknowledge….

Resources Adjusted and Controlled and Sustainable Development on Chinese Elite Sport

Sustainable development of Chinese elite sport has come to be an important selection in the new era Elite sport resource has close relationship with sustainable development of Chinese elite sport. To realize its value effectively controlled….

Theoretical and Empirical Study of the Comprehensive Competitiveness of Sports Institutes or Departme

We ail know that the competition to the persons of ability has become the key factor of the international competition in the 21st century. How the teachers’ universities, which act as the hasic foundation of the persons of ability, adapt to….

Discussion on Sports Associations in China

In China, administrative department on sports being in the planned economy system once owned “boundless power”, taking responsibilities on all sports issues in society. From reforming and opening, on the foundation of “old” power structure a….

Research on Management System of Collegiate Competitive Sport in America

The development of sport has close relationship to education. Especially in the time of youngsters, elementary education is very important. One of the successful experiences of Western countries, especially of America, is a whole system of t….

Strategic Research on Chinese Athletic Basketball’s Development

In order to promote Chinese basketball’s development, absorb it into the orbit of order and science, advance its athletic level promptly, and get excellent results in the coming Olympic games, we need to, on the base of practice, make a deep….

A Theoretical Study on Sustainable Development of China Volleyball

To promote sustainable development of China volleyball, by methods of documentary research, interview, questionnaire etc., a theoretical study on sustainable development of China volleyball was carried out.The results show that: 1, Purpose,….

Research on the Market Operates Model of Chinese Wushu Sanda

The Chinese Wushu is the most plentiful and historical inheritance of Chinese traditional sport culture. The Chinese Wushu Sanda champion Competition has become a famous brand that more and more attracts the Chinese government and news mediu….

The Study on Teachers’ Growth

The teacher professional growth is that teachers have learned how to teach and play relevant roles in their teaching lives. It is the process of socializing teacher. Teaching is a kind of life style; it is the profession of humanization. Who….

Glabalization, Knowledge-based Economy and Formation of Learning Machinery in Zhongguancun Science-ba

Zhongguancun Science-based Park (ZSP) has made an ambitious plan to build a ‘first-class science-based park.’ How to reach the goal? Where is the gap between ZSP and Silicon Valley (SV), Hsinchu Science-based Park (HSP)? Why is there no sign….

Study of Rural Community Education in China

This dissertation takes the method of systematic analysis to research into the education in China’s rural communities under the guidelines of rural community educational theories. First of all, against the backdrop of China’s national condit….

Study on Ancient Agricultural Education in China

Agriculture is the base on which to build up our nation. For thousand years agricultural production has been developing in our motherland and nourishing the Chinese nation. Even though rising and falling alternatively, agriculture has been k….

Theoretical and Experimental Study on Measuring the Weight Parameters of Moving Segments of Human Bod

The weight parameters of segments of human body include segment weight, location of center of gravity of segment and the moment of gravity of segment, and they are the basic parameters of segment inertia parameters that can reflect the struc….

Effect of Acute Exercise on the Satellite Cells and Cytoplasmic Ca~(2+) Metabolism of Rat Skeletal

At present, much attention is being paid on the effect of Ca2+ signal transduction on cell functions. As one of the messengers in the cell, Ca2+ stirs up a series of reactions by combining with the receptors. It was found in many studies tha….

A Research on Mutual Model of Physical Exersical and Benefit of Mental Health in Adolescent

As health is associated with society, economy and culture, it serves as the yardstick to judge the overall social development. Due to the unique Chinese cultural background, I focus on the adolescent cognition of health in the backdrop of so….

A Study of Evaluating Standard Index System and Evaluating Method to Select Vietnamese Football, Badm

After synthersizing a lot of relevant documents, consulting many experts and investigating a large amount of teen-agers, this study provides a system of evaluating standard index to select teen-ager athletes for football, badminton, wushu, w….

Research on the Development and Deployment of Macromanpower

This paper deals with macromanpower and stresses on the devlopment and deployment of macromanpower, therefore, it constructs the topic of research on the development and deployment of macromanpower. Manpwer is the nuclear realm of this topic….

The Effects of Chronic Swimming Training on Aortic Structure, Endothelin-1 and Endothelin-1 Receptor

Aging contributes to the injury and dysfunction of vascular endothelia cell, thus the balance between vasoconstrictors and vasodilators destroyed. Endothelin-1 is thought to contribute to the pathology of some cardiovascular diseases. Exerci….

From Aging of Population to Aging of the Aged

This is a paper of probative Study about demographic aging (generally, we call it population aging or aging of population) combining with the theory and reality. Just as we all know that the “senior boom” or “geronitic boom” of population ag….

A Study of the Theory Problem of the Geography Instruction

Nowadays, geography instruction is faced with a difficult situation, for it is belittled by the society, school, parents. So changing this kind of unfavorable situation is a major problem of the research on the present theory of geography in….

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