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A Study on Declarative Sentence of Mediaeval Chinese

Declarative sentence has attracted much attention because of its important status and great changes on the history of Chinese. The birth of copula是shi has become a focus in the study of the history of Chinese. But period study and diachron….

Study on the Formation and Development of Chinese Dress Classifiers

Compared with Indo-European , classifier is an especial attributes to Sino-Tibetan. Meanwhile, it is the most important and difficult problem for teachers to teach foreign students. However, it is not a traditional grammar notion but a newly….

On Demonstratives in English and Chinese

This research aims to provide a comparative study of English and Chinese demonstratives from functional-typological and grammaticalizational perspectives. Demonstratives pertain to the category of deixis. Deixis plays an important role in re….

English-Chinese Bilingual Phrasal Alignment

statistic strategy, because it has the capacity of handling uncertainty and avoids the need for costly hand-tagged training data. Research on bilingual corpus processing is of significant importance, especially for domain-specific machine tr….

A Cognitive Study of Lexical Metaphors in the Chinese Language

This dissertation presents a study of the motivation of language use on the basis of lexical metaphors in The Chinese Dictionary (The Commercial Press Edition) (CDCPE), aiming to reveal how linguistic and non-linguistic factors influence lan….

Research on Woodcut Art in the Arear under KMT Rule during Anti-Japanese War

The dissertation aims to analyze wholly woodcut limited into the time and place of anti- Japanese war and the rear area to probe into its era features and cultural contents ,in the light of Chinese standard culture and with the research meth….

Study on Aesthetic Characteristics of TV Advertising in Consumption Age

Advertisements, especially TV advertisements, have become indispensable to our daily life. Advertising not only serve as the economic weathervane and cultural weathervane but also as a written form of the social significance of the age compl….

A Comparison of Researching Traditions Concerning Economic Geography

Economic geography is concerned with the study of economic regional system in terms of the formation process, structural features, development orientation and optimal control. As an interdisciplinary study across geography and economics as w….

Culture Production of Paddy Working Economy

China is one of the earliest countries which plants the paddy. Its centuries-old planting history built abundant and dramatic Paddy Culture. As a very important artistic style of Paddy Culture, Paddy Song plays an important role in the Paddy….

Collision, Dialogue and Amalgamation

Isang Yun (1917-1995), Korean-German composer, has a special position in the worldmusic circles of 20th century. Yun’s orchestral work Reak win out in Europe In 1966, from then on, his composition technique and his idea of Main Tone received….

A Study on the Works of Toru TaKemitsu during 1958-77

Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) is famous contemporary Japanese composer who has the greatest effect all over the world. This thesis focuses on Toru Takemitsu’s music of his middle period from 1959 to 1977. These twenty-years was a prosperous per….

On Heterophony and Its Application in Western Modern Music

Heterophony widely exists in folk music, and it is a most common texture form of folk multipart music. The heterophony phenomenon is complex and it has different forms. The heterophony of different countries, regions, nationalities and style….

The Key Realm Types of the Chinese Modern Harmonic Techniques and Their Historical Trends

Taking the harmonic techniques in the music creation in the Chinese modern times as the study object, this dissertation summarizes the characteristics of those techniques, analyzes their thought origins and observes their historical trends,….

Chinese Piano Music Culture in First Half of 20th Century

The first half of 20th century are the era of the sprout, development and gradually maturing of the Chinese piano music culture. This article takes the Chinese piano historical personages and their activities as a master line in this stage,….

The Structural Characteristics and Their Causes of Instrumental Performance Style in the 20~(th) Ce

The performance style of instrumental music has changed remarkably in the 20~(th) century. The early historic recordings may make the modern listeners unconformable for its very fast tempo, casual freedom rhythm, excessive use of portamento,….

A Study on Chinese Ancient Konghou

The main topic of the paper is ancient Chinese konghou, which has a long history in ancient time.There’re mainly three parts in the paper:1) The analysis of the application and the status of ancient konghou in court2) With the method of long….

Research on the Government Control and Management of the Filmdom at the Times of Republican China

It’s exigent in theory to reconstruct the film historiography and re-depict the science of history when the Chinese filmdom celebrates its one hundred anniversaries. A right cut-in point to come near the historical spot over the century is t….

Taoism and the Paintings of the Scholars in Ming and Qing Dynasties

This dissertation is an interdisciplinary research on religion and the arts of painting, focusing on the influence of Taoist philosophy and the belief of immortals on the theories, subject matters of the paintings of the scholars in Ming and….

A Research on Fu Baoshi’s Painting Ideology

Fu Baoshi plays a special role in modern history of Chinese painting. On the one hand, he has inherited the basic value of traditional painting of the literati painting, and further developed it as the national features of Chinese painting…..

Study on “ChangAn Painting Faction”

This thesis is a comprehensive research on “ChangAn painting faction”. “ChangAn painting faction” is named from the beginning of 20th century 60’s, since the founding of the nation, it’s the model of the Socialism Revolution and the national….

A Research on the New Deal in Northeast at the End of the Qing Dynasty

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the feudal rule has reached to the end of the rope. In the current situation with domestic trouble and foreign invasion, facing the impact of constitutional revolution in thought, the Qing government began to….

The Ways for the People to Charge the Officials and the Disposition of the Cases during the Republic

The study on the issue of public prosecutor during the Republic of China is not rich so far, and most is focus on the discuss of administrative litigation, which could not show the actual situation. Taking the example of Sichuan Province in….

Urban Development and Social Change of Gansu in Qing Dynasty

Gansu, located in inland of China, is a bridge between the inland and the minority, such as Xinjiang, QingHai, XiZang and so on. Because of multinational interleaving, ruler of every dynasty attached importance to it. A series of county-citi….

Research on the Development of the Cities along Coastwise of Xiangjiang River and Changes of the Soci

Xiangjiang River is an important tributary of Yangtze River, and also the biggest river in Hunan province. Xiangjiang River has been an important strategic traffic point on water which has been used to link up Changjiang River and Zhujiang R….

A New Research on the Shanrang Legend of Ancient China

It is well-known that Yao ,Shun amd Yu, the greatest sages of virtue and kings of Tang-Yu Period in the legend of ancient Chinese, appointed people of virtue and capability, then abdicated and handed over the crown to them. All the deeds of….

The Ethnic Merchant along the Silk Road from the Wei to the Tang Dynasty

From Han Dynasty to SuiJin to Sui&Tang;, the tombs buried at that time always unearthed the camel figures and the alien figure pulled camel, horse and donkey, and a serial of different figures. From the great number of the untombed alien figu….

The Study of Xiao Yan

The emperor of Liang dynasty , Xiao Yan ,is famous for revering Buddha in the history of Chinese civilization. He immersed himself in Buddhism deeply. He also wrote a lot of notes and commentaries of Buddhist Scripture and a lot of papers ab….

The Systematic Learning about the Spring and Autumn Annals and the Culture Type in Song Dynasty

The study of Confucian classics is principal academic kind in Chinesetraditional society. Among the study of Confucian classics, the systematic learningabout the spring and autumn annals is the significant one, especially in Song dynasty.So,….

Research of Special Subjects on Study of Poetry in Song Dynasty

Since Han dynasty till middle Tang dynasty, annotations about The Book Of Poetry had been basically dominated by the Sinological classics established by The Preface to Mao Poetry, Mao Zhuan, Zheng Jian and Kong Shu. After the year of Qing Li….

On Citizen Consciousness in the Ideological Evolution during the First Ten Years of the 20~(th) Cen

There were many important “words” in the ideological and cultural evolution in early China. Most of them were manifested in varying degrees during the first ten years of the 20th Century(1901-1911), and developed in the Xinhai Revolution and….

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