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Research on Crime of Medical Accident

As other accidents in professional action such as traffic accident, medicalaccidents take place constantly in society. These medical accidents are, for themost part, given rise to the action of violating rules and regulations of medicaltreat….

Study on Crimes of Status

The theory of crimes of status is an important part of criminal theories.Starting with the concept of crimes of status, this dissertation lucubrates theessence, the concept of status, sorts and the conviction and punishment of crimesof statu….

Comparative Study on Economic Fraudulent Crime between Canada and China

Economic fraudulent crime refers to the conduct that breaches economic regulation, defraudspublic or private property or other economic interests of relative great amount by falsifying story,concealing real fact or other methods, and with th….

Research on Chinese Natural Capital Investment Legal Institution

The only way to sustainable development is from political proclamation to physical actions. Whether it may be poverty elimination or stable wealth accumulation; fairness among contemporaries or generations; strong or weak durative; economic….

Research on the Conflict of Civil and Commercial Laws between the Cross-Strait

With the cross-strait civil and commercial transactions increasing and deepening, more and more conflict of civil and commercial laws arose. Thus, it is of highly necessity to discuss such problems in order to promote the development of cros….

A Study of CPC’s Theory and Practice of Political Modernization

Modernization is a great change of human civilization and its transformations involve all fields and every aspect of human life. It is comprised of eight fundamental systems, that is, the economic modernization, political modernization, urba….

The Study on Issues Regarding the Construction of CPC’s Governing Capacity

Building up the Party’s governing capacity is the top priority of the Chinese communist party after it came to power, which concerns the success and failure of our socialist cause, concerns the future of Chinese nation. Building up the Party….

The Research about the Modernization of Chinese Social Lifestyle in 20~(th) Century

Life is the basic style that human rely on survive and develop, and it is the form of expression for public fundamental interests. Max regarded‘life’as the first history activity of mankind, and further indicated that all real promote of m….

The Study of Taiwan Politics Transition and It’s Influence on the Inter-coastal Relations

This paper takes the dialectical materialism and the historical materialism as the basic guiding ideology, and takes interactional relations between Taiwan politics reforming and development of intercoastal relations as the research angle of….

Study on Development Mechanism of Economy between the Local Government and the Private Enterprise

This study is a case study on development mechanism of economy between the local government and the private enterprise in Taizhou in the practice of the reform and opening in the past 30 years in China. This paper expatiates the history of d….

The Study on Ecological Migration in Western China

The ecological migration in western China is population equilibrium activity that is involved many aspects, influenced deeply, and which scale is large in western rural society development. It is important in China for western development, e….

Study on the Governmental Responsibility of Protecting Socialvulnerable Groups in Chinese Transformat

In the Social Transformation Period of our country, protecting the social vulnerable groups is increasingly becoming one of the public problems attended by the public. It has very important value to reflect on the above problem theoretically….

Research on Behavior and Competitive Advantage of Corporations’ Contribution to Non-profit Organizati

As a principal form of organization, non-profit organization (NPO) has grown vigorously and played an important role in global social, economic and political fields since the 1980s. With the rapid progress of global economic integration, mor….

A Study on the Environmental Legislation in the Perspective of Eco-civilization

Eco-civilization is an inevitable product of the historical development of human society and productive force when they reach certain stage, which refers to the overall cultural achievement that realizes the sustainable development of and ha….

Research on the Protection of the Buyer’s Benefits in Sale by Installment Payment

The problem about the protection of the buyer’s benefits in sale by installment payment is a subject worthy of deep and inclusive research..But such research is still wanting in the academic circle.Therefore,this dissertation will endeavor t….

Rural Transformation and Urban-Rural Spatial Integration

Rural transformation and urban and rural spatial integration is a realistic research project for Chinese regional development in the context of rapid urbanization. The process of “New South Jiangsu Mode” from “South Jiangsu Mode” is the evol….

The Military Officer Vocational Personality Scale: Development, Reliability and Validity

Objective: The aim of this study was to: (1) Explore the theory model of vocational personality of military officers. (2) Develop a Scale of Military Officer Vocational Personality (MOVPS). (3) Assess the reliability and validity of MOVPS.Me….

A Study of the Relationship between Military Activity and the Grain Transport by Water in the Han-tan

In the Han-Tang period, there was a close relationship between the produce and development of the Grain Transport and the military activetity. The Grain Transport by water had a very important function.The Han-Tang government utilized the Gr….

An Empirical Study on China’s Crime Rates

Crime is a topic concerned with law, sociology, economics and many other disciplines. In China, the criminology is attached to the Criminal Law, the input of researchers and research resource are still very limited and so criminology in Chin….

The “Green” Turn of the Legal Values

It is the social requirement to build harmonious relationship between man and nature, and it is also the basement of harmonious society. Since the middle of the twentieth century, we human being is enjoying the economical result while we pay….

Judicial Reason in Legal Reasoning

Reason is one of the key words in the field of philosophy, which has been facing the transition from metaphysics to practice and starts to exert its influences upon the practical social life. Reason is taken as a fundamental theoretical prem….

A Study on the Transformation and Orientation of the Relationship between the Central Government and

Relationships between central and local government, deeply rooted in every social institution, impact important issues such as state reunification, national unity, economic development and social stability. Public services that a government….

The Study on the Institution Mechanism of Public Service Offering

It is a common subject in the world with the development of economy and society and the deepening of reform in the field of public service to enhance the mechanism recreation of public service’s offering system and to provide more fair, effe….

Research on the Public Policy Conflict of Contemporary China from the Bureaucratic Perspective

At present, the domestic and foreign academic circles have just started the research of the public policy conflict. In the current Chinese society transition period, the public policy conflict is a quite outstanding problem and people pay a….

The Way of Harmony in Public Life

In political life, the Republic is not one political symbol that has no practical significance. It is not only a form of organizing political power, but a political value system and a political life-style needs our serious treatment. Republi….

Research on Assessment of City Comprehensive Emergency Response Capability of Sudden Public Events

The assessment of city comprehensive emergency response capability of sudden public events is one of the important contents of a city emergency management system. Establishing an assessment system of city emergency response capability of sud….

The Economic Analysis and Tax Incentive Study of the Social Giving

The social giving studied in this paper is that the individual citizen or units voluntarily give their valuable things to others freely or partly paid, and it allocates resources on the basis of functioning market and government mechanism. A….

Studies of Chinese Peasant Workers under the Binary Economic Conditions

Peasant worker is a new problem emerged after the Opening-up and Renovation Period, it is also a right and efficient way to deal with the surplus labors in the rural areas. Chinese peasant workers contributed a lot to the industrialization,….

The Research on Village Cadres’ Work Behavior

With the increasing development of economic strength in China, many different kinds of policies and measures on supporting and benefiting peasants have been coming on in succession. As a result, a favorable exterior atmosphere was given to a….

On the Establishment of Chinese Cultural and Natural Heritage Law

Along with the birth of World Heritage List and the propagation of modern heritage management theory, more and more countries have realized the significance of developing those heritages’ various social functions, and in the same time, more….

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