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Channel Adjustment Downstream Dams and Its Protective Measures

With dense population in basin, rivers are important components of environment. When reservoirs are built on rivers for certain purposes, downstream channel adjustment will be apparent, which will inevitably affect the sustainable developmen….

The Interaction between Flow & Sediment Process and Riverine Environment

River, as the source of the social development, is the most active part of the topographic process and ecosystem. Flow sediment process and riverine environment, the river resources have been used without long-time consideration, which leads….

Study on Organization Mode of Water Conservancy Internet Information Resources

It’s the basic need of the Water Conservancy Sustained Development that Water Conservancy Informationization brings along the water conservancy modernization. The exploitation and utilization of Water Conservancy Information Resources is the….

Stability and Mixing Character for Buoyant Jets in Quiscent Shallow Water

The near field stability and mixing characteristics of buoyant jets produced by thermal diffuse in quiescent shallow water are analyzed. A simple way to dispose of the large quantities of waste heat, resulting from thermal power plants and i….

Research on the Behavior of Obstructed Buoyant Jets

The characteristics of rounded flowing in near region of obstructed buoyant jet in static ambient were mainly discussed in the paper. As one type of diffuser improving dilution of contamination, the knowledge about it will be advanced by res….

The Study of Physicochemical Process of Sediment Movement in River

River sediment erosion from the upper reaches, riverway sediment transportation, and estuary sediment deposition; are all closely related to river physicochemical process. With further research on sediment movement, it is necessary to settle….

Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Turbine and Hydropower Station Tailrace System Based on the Computa

Three dimension turbulent flow simulations are becoming more and more accurate with both computational methods and hardware performances rapid development. In the field of waterpower station optimization design, Computational Fluid Dynamics….

Study on the Sliding Displacement of Sliding Isolation Structure

Base isolation is an effective way to protect structures from damage in severe earthquake. It can ensure the safety of people’s lives and properties. Sliding isolation is one form of base isolation. It has the characteristics of simple techn….

Development of Lead Extrusion Damper and Study on Structural Energy Dissipation

The technology of energy dissipation could be put in practice by designing some non-bearing elements of the structures as energy dissipating devices, or setting up dampers in the sensitive deformation positions of structures. Under strong wi….

Key Technological Problems of Flood Water Resources Utilizing in Reservoir Operation

Reservoirs are one of the most efficient measures for the integrated water resources development and management. With the rapid development of social economy and water requirements, the water resources shortage problem is deteriorated and th….

Neural Networks Method on Deformation Prediction and Back Analysis of Concrete Face Rockfill Dam

The development of face rockfill dam can be divided into four phases: from 1870 to 1940 is the forepart which characterized by throw rockfill; from 1940 to 1965 is the second phase of transition from throw rockfill to rolled rockfill; 1965 t….

Research on Key Technologies of Condition Maintenance System for Hydropower Generator Units

According to condition based maintenance can mostly prolong the maintenance intervals and reduce operation cost, it can ensures safety operating of hydropower plants and the successive development of national economy. Nowadays, maintenance m….

Research on the Interaction between the Lower Reaches Evolution and Estuary Evolution of Yellow River

At present, many researchers disagree with each other on the problem of feedback influence in the lower Yellow River due to the estuary extension and changes of the course. After analyzing the exist results, the author thinks that there are….

Research on the Leading Edge Skewed-Swept Rotor with Meridian Acceleration and Passage Structure

With the development of national economy and the harsh energy and request of the environment, higher and higher performance requests, such as wider operating range, high efficiency, has been put forward to the design of turbomachinery. Use t….

Mechanism Investigation on Aircraft Afterburner Flameholder of High Efficiency、Low Drag and High Te

Whether the slitted bluff body can be successfully used as flameholder in aircraft afterburner or not depends on its drag and flameholding ability, which requires less drag and better flame stabilization at high temperature and high speed. T….

The Theorretical and Experimental Studies on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Its Application

The cost of fuel takes significant importance in the power plant. Usually, the traditional method of coal quality analys is off-line. Therefore, the traditional measurements spent too much long time and analyze so slowly. So the results can’….

Study on Saturated-Unsaturated Seepage and Its Application

Saturation-unsaturated seepage is the widespread and objective regularity of groundwater movement. Because its significant influence on rock and soil slope stability, the use of groundwater resources, pollution control, the exploitation of p….

Study on Numerical Method in Modeling the Elastoplastic Constitutive Relationships of Expansive Soil

Most existent elasto-plastic models of constitutive relation for rock and soil are constructed based on the plastic potencial theory. Seeking the analytical expression of the plastic potencial has become a unique approach of modeling. Howeve….

Finite Element Theory and Application of Strain Localization of Rock and Soil

There is a band region caused by inconsistent deformation in materials, a narrow zone of intense deformation compared with outside the zone, in the process of deformation. This phenomenon is called localized deformation bifurcation. Generall….

Theory and Practice on the Feedback Simulation Analysis of Geotechnical Structure

Geotechnical engineering is a frontier science of civil engineering and geology, it is established on the basis of the knowledge combined organically by soil mechanics and foundation engineering and rock mechanics to probe and solve the tech….

Numerical and Experimental Studies of Damage Detection for Shearing Buildings

It is very important to prevent catastrophic structural failures via health monitoring and damage detection, furthermore, the maintenance expense of the structure can be sharply decreased by early detecting structural damages. Therefore, str….

Study on Evaluation Method of Brittleness and Toughening Measures of High Strengthen Concrete

As makes the high strength concrete getting wide-ranging application, the strength of concrete has a series of merits. So it is a development direction for concrete. But it is thought that concrete is quasi-brittle materials. And it is thoug….

Research of Real-Time Visualization of Engineering Construction Management Based on GIS

The construction of the huge hydroelectric engineering is a complex and hard work. Using computer to aid management is the objective which people have being pursuit for. With the technique of Geographic Information System applied in the hydr….

Study on Internal Flow Simulation and Performance of Pelton Turbine

Many tests of Pelton turbine illustrated that the efficiency of prototype is lower than that of model turbine, especially under off-design heads and larger discharge. This characteristic of Pelton turbine is apt to take the risk to predict t….

Research on Theory and Practice of Analysis and Design of Pulsed High Field Magnets

With the progress of science and technology, High Magnetic Field (HMF) becomes one of the most important tools for many scientific researches. Differing in the pulse width, HMF can be classified as steady-state one and pulsed one, which are….

Low-dimensional Molecular Magnetic Materials Studied by Density Matrix Renormalization Group

In recent years, it is a pioneering research issue for molecular solid magnetic materials. In this thesis, based on molecular magnetic materials synthesized experimentally, by use of density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) and quantum tr….

Synthesis, Structure, Ionic Conduction and Fuel Cell Performance of Ba_xCe_(0.8)RE_(0.2)O_(3-α) Cera

High temperature protonic conductors have a vast range of application perspective aselectrolytes in fuel cells, gas sensors, membrane separators and membrane reactors, etc..Protonic conduction in ABO_3 perovskites was first discovered by Iwa….

Principle and Experimental Research of Micro Permanent Magnet Type Bearingless Motor

The Bearingless Motor is electro-magnetic machine that has the functions of the electric motor and an active magnetic bearing. Levitation windings are wound together with conventional motor windings to produce radial forces in usual bearingl….

Study on Contact Element in Geotechnical Simulation and Relative Parameters

There are a lot of noncontinuous problems in civil engineering such as interaction between soil and structure and discontinuities and interfaces inside the material. As a noncontinuous element, the contact element has become one of hot point….

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in Narrow Annular Channels

Flow boiling heat transfer in narrow channels is an important researching project of gas-liquid two-phase flow. Two-phase flow boiling heat transfer in narrow channels is an economical and effective forced heat transfer method for its compac….

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