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Modeling, Stability and Control of Networked Control Systems

One of the main features of modern control systems is the data transmission via networks. Automatic control technology is involved with communication network more and more. Various real-time networks such as field-bus are extensively applied….

Study on the Iterative Detection of MC-CDMA Systems

Sensor networks have been used more and more widely. This paper investigates the iterative detection of Multi-Carrier Code-Division-Multi-Access (MC-CDMA) system with the aim to meet the demand of the high data rate and high system load in t….

Study on Self-adaptive Satellite Communication System Scheme and Relative Technologies

Satellite communication, as one of the supports of long distance communication, has become an indispensable communication means in modern society. But with the development of satellite communication enterprise, interference has become a seri….

Design and Implementation of Multi-Mode WLAN Baseband SoC SyStem

The Technology of Software Define Radio (SDR) is able to change dynamically the way of communication of wireless terminals only through downloading different kinds of software. As another revolution in wireless communication field, this tech….

Qos and Routing Strategies for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a kind of mobile multi-hop and self-organized wireless network, it is getting more and more attractive and can be used in battlefield, disaster relief and short-term scenarios such as meetings for its indepen….

Research of Multi-agent Technologies for Multimedia Communication Task in Next Generation Networks

The next-generation network (NGN), based on IP, will converge all telecom traffic as public switched telephone network (PSTN), wireless networks and computer networks into one. There are many complex computing tasks and communication tasks i….

Investigation of Digital Signature from Bilinear Pairing

In the electronics world, the signature, as an important method to protect information security, has been drawing the attention of more and more researchers. Digital signature has been broadly used. It can ensure the identity of the mail sen….

Lattice Reduction Theory and Its Applications to Cipher Design

Lattice reduction is not only an important task of lattice research but also a powerful tool for cryptology. Many lattice problems can be solved by lattice reduction directly, and even some NP-hard lattice problems can be approximately solve….

Study on the Public Key Cryptosystem Secure Against Chosen Ciphertext Attack

Security is one of the most important problem in the communication and information system, while the cryptography is the basis for the security.In the public key cryptosystem (PKC) , the attacker can get the public encryption key, so he can….

The Dynamic QoS Research of Next Generation Network Based on Traffic Prediction

With the rapid development of Next Generation Network (NGN) technology, integrated services (including traditional telecom services) can be provided on the basis of the IP bearer network. The independence and intercommunion scarcity between….

Research on Automatic Language Identification Technology Over Telephone Channel

Language identification is one of important aspects in speech recognition technologies, and has an extensive application foreground.A language identification system includes three parts: feature extraction, modeling and judgment rule. Using….

Research on Signal Processing Method for the Analysis of Wheat Quality

Grain security is one of the major factors that are related to China’s social stability and economic development as well as its national security. In a country that feeds 22 percent of the world’s population with only 7 percent of the world’….

Research on Several Pseudorandom Sequences

Pseudorandom sequences are widely used in cryptography, communcia-tions, computation, control, etc. The design and analysis of pseudorandom sequences are hot research topics in the world all the time. Looking for new method to design more se….

Study on the Antifading Technologies of the Mobile LEO Satellite Constellation CDMA System

The small LEO satellite communication is the trend of satellite communications. The mobile LEO small satellite CDMA communication is the joint result of satellite communications and land mobile communications.This dissertation has investigat….

Resource Models and Hardware Synthesis for System Level Design Language

System level design languages(SLDL) are designed for better describing and analyzing the behavior of Embedded Systems. Programs coded in SLDL usually abstract from target computing resources. To get the optimal execution performance, one nee….

Schedulability Analysis for Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems

Real-time systems are widely used in the applications which have strict time-constraints on the response of the systems. Schedulability analysis is an efficient method to predict and verify whether a system can meet the time-constraints in t….

Concurrent Test Technology Research for Multi-Port Routers

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) has drawn tremendous effort worldwide, not only involving modification and implementation of the Internet protocol stacks over IPv6 but also involving techniques and tactics to migrate from existing IPv4-ba….

Research on the Semantics and Implementation of Constraint Programming

Constraint is one of our familiar concepts, for there are plenty of examples about constraints in our everyday study lives. For instance, the three angles of a triangle sum to 180 degree, the relative position of the scroller in the window s….

Study and Realization of Audio Disturbance Technique

With the coming of information era, the technique of secrecy will be more and more important to people. Now the noise disturbing technique is mostly applied to some of the military facilities, such as radar, missile and aeroplane with high f….

Intelligent Recognition Methods for Radar Emitter Signals

Radar emitter signal recognition is one of the key procedure of signal processing in ELectronic INTelligence (ELINT), Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) systems in electronic warfare. It is also the preconditi….

The Key Techniques for Spaceborne ScanSAR Radiometric Correction

Spaceborne ScanSAR mode is an important direction in spaceborne SAR development, which causes new problems for radiometric correction. The key techniques for spaceborne ScanSAR radiometric correction are studied in this paper.The basic princ….

Study on Synthetic Aperture Radar Echo Simulation

The echo simulation which is very important to the study of the SAR system and the imaging methods is the foundation of the technology of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) simulation. Because the truth of the echo simulated is directly efflunce….

Research on and Implementation of Grid-enabled Java-based Interactive Visualization System GVis

Visualization transforms large quantities of raw data into graphical representations and has become an indispensable tool in scientific computing, national defense and industry. However, the process of visualization is inherently so compute….

Agent-Oriented Intelligent Distributed Computing and Its Applications

This dissertation primarily introduces the method to construct intelligent distributed systems utilizing agent technology, and we built an intelligent distributed geographic information services platform and an intelligent optimization-compu….

Research on Learning Technology System Pedigree Framework

With more learning technology systems put into application, systematic quality view and benefit view start to draw more attention. To produce a high quality learning technology system is a complicated systematic engineering. During the desig….

Research on Models of Granular Computing Based on Quotient Space Theory and Rough Set Theory

Perception, understanding and representation, as well as analysis, synthesis and reasoning, of real world problem together with its solution at different levels of granularity, is an obvious feature in the process of human problem solving, a….

Preparation of Quantum Logic Gate, Generation of Entanglement States and Quantification of Thermal En

The development of quantum information is due to the combination of quantum theory and information theory. The investigation of quantum computer and quantum teleportation have been attracted much attention in recent years. One of the advanta….

Research on Classification and Target Detection Using SAR Images

With the development of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology, the data collection capability of SAR is growing rapidly, it is difficult for visual interpretation to meet the rapid growth of SAR data. Automated or semi-automated imagery….

SAR Raw Data Compression in Wavelet Domain

As a high-resolution active microwave imaging radar, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) system generates a big amount of data, which is hard to be transmitted or stored because of limited processing or downlink capacity, so there is an urgent ne….

Research on the Key Techniques in the Pre-Processing of Topological Texture Image

The topological texture image, as a branch of texture image, contains many serpentine curves, regular or irregular geometric shapes, symmetrical or unsymmetrical patterns. All kinds of jacquard patterns in textile CAD, tissue textures in med….

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