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Study on Proteinaceous Infectious Agent in Cultured Marine Fishes

Proteinaceous infectious agent ( prion ), which is normally pointed as the aggregate of prion protein, is protein only and causing agents of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies ( TSE ). PrP has a large diversity and a wide range of dis….

Studies on Edwardsiellosis and Pathology of Several Important Diseases in Cultured Turbot

Turbot, Scophthalmus maximus (L.) is a very important commercial species in Europe, from where it was introduced into China in 1992. With the success in artificial breeding from 1998, the commercial culture has spread rapidly along the coast….

Involvement of SNAREs and K~+ Channel in Regulation of Turbot (Scophthalmus Maximus) Immune Respons

Vibrio anguillarum is a major pathogen threatening the fish aquaculture in China. This study investigates the involvement of SNAREs and potassium channel in immune defensive mechanism of turbot(Scophthalmus maximus) after V. anguillarum infe….

Development and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody to the Lymphocystis Disease Virus of Japanese

Lymphocystis disease (LCD), an important fish disease, is a chronic disease characterized by papilloma-like lesions typically on the skin, fins and tail. These lesions usually regress spontaneously and fish may recover. The causative agent o….

Molecular Detection, Complete Genome Characterization of Taura Syndrome Virus and Screening for CP2 S

Taura syndrome virus (TSV) is one of the etiology agent causing acuate contagion of Penaeus vannami, which lead prawn infect with serious disease in China in recent years. So far in China, only a few isolates of TSV has been identified. To d….

Studies on Biological Characteristics of Infection-resistant Reaction Against Alginic Acid Decomposin

The aquaculture industry in China is in a growth phase and sea kelp is one of the most commercialized seaweed species so far. However, the key link restricting the production growth in artificial breeding is the disease occurrence and the di….

The Farming Auxiliary Equipments of Net Cage Design and Research with Experiment

Our country start developing a seawater net cage farming from 70’s, through the development for 30 years, the net cage amounts quantity more than 1,000,000 already. Although carried on some devotions in material, structure and anti-wind wave….

Effects of Fermentation, Exogenous Enzyme and Feeding Stimulants on Utilization of Soybean Meal Prote

Feeding trials were conducted in indoor culture system to investigate the effects of partially replacing fish meal (FM) in diets with fermented soybean meal (SBM) and unfermented SBM, supplemental exogenous enzyme and feeding stimulants on f….

Studies on Nutritional Physiology of Major B Vitamins and Mineral-phosphorus for Large Yellow Croaker

Feeding trials were conducted to investigate the nutritional physiology of B vitamins and mineral-phosphorus for large yellow croaker, Pseudosciaena crocea R. and Japanese seabass, Lateolabrax japonicus. The dietary requirements of riboflavi….

Studies on Purification, Gene Cloning and Expression of Insecticidal Protein

Locusts are among the most harmful pests to China’s grasslands. Increasing awareness of the environmental risk associated with the exclusive use of chemical insecticides has given rise to an urgent need to develop biologic control agents as….

The Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Seedling Growth and Stress Resistant Physiology

In this paper, the annual growth pattern and anatomy structure on seedlings of Robinia Pseudoacacia, platycladus orientalis Franco., Acer mono Maxim., Pinus armandi Franch., Cotinus Coggyia (Royal purple) were studied , the growth and drough….

Variations in the Quality of Grains at Different Positions within a Rice Panicle and Their Influence

With typical indica and japonica rice cultivars as materials, the variation and distribution of the quality of grains at different positions within a rice panicle were investigated; the reasons for the difference and their mechanisms were an….

Effects of 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene and Naphthalene on the Growth and Grain Yield of Rice and Their Mec

Organic pollutants could enter a crop field by many ways, such as wastewater irrigation, urban sludge for agricultural use or polluted air sedimentation. They have become one main group of chemical pollutants affecting the growth and develop….

Fine Mapping of One Semidwarf Gene sdt3 and Candidate-gene Screening and Functional Analysis of the O

(Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China, 225009) At present, more than 70 semidwarf or dwarf genes have been identified, but most of these semidwarf or dwarf genes have impractical pleiotropic phenotypes and exert unfavo….

Proteomic Analysis of Mature and Germinated Pollen Grains from Oryza Sativa L. ssp Japonica

As a highly reduced two-/three-cell organism, the pollen performs specialized functions to generate and carry sperms into the ovule by its polar elongation. Pollen has been the well model to investigate the sexual reproduction and cell polar….

The Experimental and Model-assisted Analysis of Rice Growth and Development Case Studies of Tillering

Phenotype is the result of the interaction of genotype and environment, a given genotype can be expressed as different phenotypes in different environments, which is known as plant inherent phenotypic plasticity. The plasticity helps plant t….

The Regulation Mechanism of Rice Root Growth and Development Mediated by OsRMC

We previously reported OsRAA1-overexpression resulted in phenotypes of reduced growth of primary root, increased number of adventitious roots and helix primary root, and delayed gravitropic response of roots in seedlings of rice. The OsRAA1….

Expression and Function Analyses of a Gene Family Encoding a Novel Class of Proline-rich Proteins in

OsPRP1, a 4–membered gene family in rice (Oryza sativa L), is restricted at least in cereal plants and encodes a novel class of proline-rich proteins (PRP). The 4 OsPRP1s are distinct from the 4 classes of plant PRPs described previously a….

Characterization and Functional Analysis of RAD21/REC8-like Genes in Rice

Sister chromatid cohesion is essential for accurate chromosome separation and segregation during meiosis and mitosis. Cohesion is established in the S phase, by a phylogenetically conserved multi-protein complex called cohesin, to link newly….

Mobilization of Transposons mPing, Ping and Pong and Heritable Alterations in DNA Methylation Pattern

Mobile elements or transposons are genetic elements that can move, and sometimes spread, within their host genomes. Identification of specific inducible conditions whereby certain dormant elements can be activated to transpose is important t….

Fundamental Traits of Indica Rice Varieties (Oryza Sativa L.) with Different Nitrogen Accumulation Ca

Improving nitrogen (N) uptake and use efficiency through genetic improvement of crop varieties and proper cultivation techniques is an effective way to enhance crop yield and planting benefit. N uptake and use efficiency mainly include N upt….

Relationships of Stock and Recruitment in Fish Stock Assessment

In China, the dramatically increased fishing in the coastal and offshore area, and the pollution have led to the overexploitation of most of the commercially important species and the degradation of ecosystem. All these have negative effects….

Studies on the Main Bacterial Diseases in 3 Marine Fish

Flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus, turbot, Scophthalmus maximus, and stone flounder, Kareius bicoloratus, are important farmed species in the aquaculture industry of northern China. Recently, more and more bacterial diseases of marine farmed….

Research on Economic and Social Issues for Water and Soil Conservation & Eco-environment Development

The paper systematically analyzes the composition, characteristics, function and operation rules of water and soil conservation eco-environment development practice and theory. After that, the paper defines water and soil conservation eco-en….

Study on Soil & Water and N & P Losses and Control Technology in Bench-terrace Area of Dianchi Waters

As the agricultural non-point source (NPS) pollution has become an important factor in the water environmental deterioration and lake eutrophication in China, more and more researchers focused on the pollution mechanism and control measures….

Development of GIS-based Irrigation Management Information System in Liaoning

The water resource is seriously shortage in LiaoNing province , the total amount of average water resource has been 34.179 billion m3 for many years, the occupation rate of per capita is only 1/3 of the average national level. At present, th….

Research on the Construction Theory of Ecological Irrigation District and Its Key Technology

Irrigation district plays an important role in development of nation’s agriculture, society and economy. To construct ecological irrigation district, which be able to coordinate the water resources allocation better than traditional one and….

Studies on Optimal Moisture Contents and Physiological-Biochemical Characteristics on Seed Germplasm

Ultradry storage improves seed longevity and vigor. It is a cost-effective technique for germplasm conservation.As we all know that optimum storage condition can maximize the benefit on seed longevity from dessication. On the basis of feasib….

Mechanisms of Induced Resistance of Fruit in Response to Antagonist Yeasts and Exogenous Salicylic Ac

Postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables cause major losses in food production. Treatments with antagonistic yeasts and salicyclic acid (SA) suggested that intensification of defense mechanisms had potential in reducing fruit pre- and p….

Mechanisms of Trehalose on Viability and Biocontrol Efficacy of Antagonistic Yeasts

In recent years, biocontrol on fruit postharvest diseases using antagonistic yeasts becomes a hot topic. However, compared with synthetic fungicides, the efficacy of biocontrol formulation is not enough stable in the practical application. B….

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